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Egg Pillow Baby Sleep Orthopedic Sleep Neck Pillow

Egg Pillow Baby Sleep Orthopedic Sleep Neck Pillow

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Do you have trouble falling asleep and wake up frequently with body aches?
Memory sleep cloud pillow has been tested and approved to correct your posture and relieve chronic back and neck pain. Its texture provides a restful night as if you were sleeping on clouds!
Are you fed up with not sleeping well?
Look, you’re not alone. 64% of men actually say it’s their biggest frustration with their sleep is finding a correct position, and 72% of women admitted their sleep is not ideal! 
Friendly Pillow is the ultimate pillow in a world of average pillows. Using our intelligent dent and bulge groove system which align perfectly for the human body anatomy, it fits perfectly for side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers. It fits perfect for narrow or broad shoulders and with 8 million microballs follows your every movement.
With Friendly Pillow, wake up recharged and revitalised after a full, deep and continuous sleep! Join thousands of others in restoring the clear, sharp and happy mind, body and soul.
Why You'll Love The fiancrework Pillow
✅ Suitable For Every Sleeping Position
✅ Pleasantly Soft & Breathable
✅ Cooling And Refreshing
✅ Bigger than the normal pillow 
✅ Ideal For Sensitive Skin

Compatible with

- Snoring/Apnea

- Interrupted/Restless Sleep

- Night Sweats/Menopause

- CPAP Machines/Snoring Guards

Designed for

-Broad or Narrow Shoulders

-Back Sleepers, Side Sleepers, Stomach Sleeper

-Follows the body anatomy perfect with every movement

-Intelligent dent and bulge groove system

-Has 8 million microballs

Ergonomic design helps

-Back tightness

-Neck Stiffness

-Shoulder Soreness


-Hip pain


Specifically coated microballs


-Do not absorb water

-Washed Easily

Ideal for sensitive skin


Easy To Wash, Perfect For Sensitive Skin
Friendly Pillow can be both hand and machine wash.

The micro-air balls do not absorb water and provide a natural air ventilation system. 

They are designed to help eliminate heat from your skin through air circulation.

All that makes the pillow easy and quick to wash and dry.


Use it and get rid of sore necks, headaches and migraines!

"My neck often feels stiff, so I go to physiotherapy regularly. After Memory sleep cloud pillow, my neck and shoulders feel so much better. Because I get better sleep at night, I feel ready and refreshed every morning!" - Christina.


Machine Washable

Egg Pillow is restorative, machine washable with confidence, hypoallergenic and fits any standard pillowcase.


Size : 48*29*13cm
Package Included :-1 x Pillow

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