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2022 NEW Air Pressure Power Balloon Car With Rocket

2022 NEW Air Pressure Power Balloon Car With Rocket

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🌲Christmas is coming!Think about gift.

This is a set of aerodynamic vehicles, suitable for children's scientific experiments in aerodynamic knowledge. It would increase children's interest in science and knowledge.Away from electronic device and start playing!

Gift of the year

From 3 to 77 years old

❓How does it work?

  • Three steps game! Put the balloon in the car and fix it. Suction the balloon as much as possible. Press the release button of the air pump to move the car forward.

🥳Enjoy fun & safe playing time!

  • This balloon car set is made of BPA-free, non-toxic ABS plastic. The surface of this toy set is smooth as shown without harming your child's skin.

👪 Perfect game for family

Children will forget their screens with this new addictive toy.

For children's Christmas, birthdays, parties

Forget old games and play all day long with your new best friend.

Play with your children

Father and sons will have again good times together. And mums and girls too, for sure.

📺 Forget screens and start playing

With your grandchildren, they will love this toy.

money back guaranteed


  • Material:ABS
  • Type:family toy

Package includes:

  • 1* cartoon pump+2 cars+8 balloon (random color)+1 astronaut

🎁It's a perfect gift to bring laughter to the house!(Buy more save more)

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