Portable Gardning Pocket Chainsaw

Portable Gardning Pocket Chainsaw

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    Use your raw power to saw wood from small branches to large tree trunks in seconds and cuts overhead branches with ease!

    Bring this pocket chainsaw as survival gear to cut tree limbs into usable wood effortlessly for a lifesaving fire, shelter, or to build a rescue signal fire.

    Perfect for backpacking, wilderness camping, hunting, fishing, or simple yard work. Cut wood with this portable hand saw anytime and anywhere.


    • Two-way bi-directional cutting teeth reduces binding and hang up. Steady yet flexible motion saves a large amount of time and effort
    • Made of industrial-grade heat-treated high strength carbon alloy and steel for long-lasting durability
    • Plastic handles with grip protect your hands from hurting caused by frictions during cutting
    • Lightweight and compact size make this emergency survival saw easy to pack and take along.
    • User-friendly and simple for anyone to use
    • Perfect for hiking, camping, emergencies, simple yard work, and whenever you need to cut down wood.



    • Chainsaw x1
    • Container x1
    • Pocket x1