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Owl Camera

Owl Camera

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 This Wi-Fi camera is the smallest size wide-angle camera. It catches details beautifully and gives you a wider breadth of view on everything going on in the room thanks to the 1080P and 150° wide angle lens. Its exceptional structural design makes it easy to hide around anywhere. such as the home or office. as long as you leave 1 x 0.6inch head space for it.

Easy-to-use multi-function app: Despite its compact size. the camera includes all of the necessary functionality for a Wi-Fi camera. Simply download the App on your iPhone or Android phone and configure it with a router Wi-Fi (Only 2.4GHz). and you can view LIVE video on the App remotely from anywhere in the globe. Motion Alerts. Playback/Snapshot/Record Remotely. manage SD Card Recording. One App Multiple Users. and More.

Smart motion detection with instant alert: When the camera detects a moving item. an alarm notice is quickly sent to the mobile phone. Three images will be snapped and uploaded back to the APP. while the recorded video will be stored in the memory card at the same time (Note: this must be configured in the app).

Dual-mode rechargeable battery/plug-in operation: After a full charge. the built-in rechargeable 520 mAh battery allows for at least 72 hours of continuous video recording. or you can simply connect it to a power supply for immediate usage.

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