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Outdoor Playing Electric Water Gun

Outdoor Playing Electric Water Gun

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1. Long battery life can pump 50 times continuously;
2. The 150W high-power drive motor is more powerful. and the range reaches 12-14 meters. which is higher than the same type of gun;
3. Add red and green switchable holographic sight. flashlight grip. you can shoot at night;
4. High performance natural rubber handle and trailing arm ensure better stable shooting in water gun use;

5. Sealed internal structure and electronic board and battery with waterproof and dustproof function. can be used as usual even in dusty or seaside conditions;
6. The appearance of the gun body is beautiful and generous; The gun body track is universally designed. and other accessories can be freely assembled;

7. PD20W fast charging technology. 90% charge can be charged in 2 hours.


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