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Maternity Belly Bump Support Leggings

Maternity Belly Bump Support Leggings

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The Maternity Legging

Journey into motherhood with the Maternity Legging by SweetLegs. designed to fit and support you through all the growing stages of the pregnancy and the fourth trimester. Created with your changing body in mind. the Maternity Legging features the same ultra-soft SweetLegs fabric you love with a double-layer waistband that stays up and adapts to your growing belly.

Our belly support band Leggings. and all-in-one maternity compression wear. provide instant relief from back and pelvis pain during pregnancy. Using Beltfree Technology they help to stabilise the pelvic area reducing the discomfort associated with SPD and PGP.


  • Buttery soft SweetLegs fabric
    90% Polyester & 10% Spandex
  • Same great SweetLegs sizing:
    Petite. One Size. Plus and Plus2
  • The double-layer waistband is specifically designed to fit comfortably over a growing belly
  • Custom fit to support you without feeling constrictive

Mama Prima waist compresses & support to help you recover Secret Fit Belly grows with baby all pregnancy long

S Length: 38.39 Waist: 29.92 Hip: 29.13
M Length: 38.98 Waist: 32.28 Hip: 31.50
L Length: 39.57 Waist: 34.65 Hip: 33.86
XL Length: 40.16 Waist: 37.01 Hip: 36.22

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