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Baseus Magnetic Suction Car Phone Holder

Baseus Magnetic Suction Car Phone Holder

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Extremely low installation height. providing the driver with a wide field of view. Developed to make driving safer.

Miniature and covert

The Dashboard Car Mount was made to be compact and unobtrusive enough to not clutter up your vehicle. giving the illusion that your phone is 'floating' in midair.

Upgraded 25 N Magnets are Extremely Stable

Additionally. to improve the stability of the MagSafe Car Mount and to ensure that your phone is firmly secured even on the toughest terrain. we employ 20 updated. powerful 25N magnets that are perfectly compatible with the MagSafe on the iPhone 14/13/12 series.

Safeguard Yourself and Your Phone

Car Phone Mount uses authentic. authorized 3M high-quality adhesives to ensure that it won't come off when you're driving on rough roads. abrupt bends. speed bumps. or steep terrain!

Rotation of 360 degrees

You can set your phone at any angle for the best viewing with the iPhone 14 pro max MagSafe Car Mount because it can spin 360 degrees.

Flexible use and installation

The cell phone holder car's suction cup base can be securely fastened to the center console or windshield of the vehicle. Give the owner of the automobile the option of installing and using this magnetic phone holder for the car. Even the desktop at home or the office can hold a cell phone with the help of a hands-free phone mount for a car.

Just Snap on and Go!

Easy switch between landscape and portrait mode. single-hand operation.

Applicable to All Cell Phones

Perfect for Apple 12 to 14 series. with the metal ring sticker. it is applicable to other phones as well.

Having a large sticky base and a powerful adsorption force.

After being washed with water. the base of this car phone mount holder can be reused. A circular metal plate that is included either fit between your phone and case (for smaller phones) or it can be securely attached to the back of your phone (for larger phones). The phone must be fitted with an iron pad and then fastened to the magnetic mount in order to be held securely.

Elegant Design with Quality Material

Minimalist design. premium texture with matte finish. goes well with the interior decor of Tesla.

Installation Instructions

Recommend use scenario: Center console/dashboard/behind the control panel.

1. Please wipe the surface with the alcohol pad and keep it dry and clean before you apply the 3M tape;
2. Peel off the 3M tape and stick the Velcro base to the center console/dashboard/behind the control panel. and wait for 2 hours;
3. Stick the Velcro on the C02 holder to the base and bend the handle part to the angle you want.


1. This product is applicable to IP 12 and above models. older IP models and Android models need to use with the metal plate;
2. Use with the phone case will affect the magnetic attraction. you can stick the metal plate to the phones;
3. The handle part can withstand 200 bends. please avoid bending too many times in a short period of time;
4. Please avoid 180 degree bending.

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