Beam Pro Golf Rangefinder 1310 Yards

Beam Pro Golf Rangefinder 1310 Yards

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  • Advanced Slope Adjustment 
  • Crystal Clear Display
  • Water & Dust Resistant
  • Range: 1310 yards
  • Magnification: 6x 
  • Free: Fast Shipping
Beam Pro Golf Rangefinder                               

√  Flag Acquisition 

√  Water & Dust Resistant  

√ Accurate Slope Adjustment

√ 24/7 Life Time Support

Other rangefinders

× Can’t tell b/w flag & background trees

× Without water resistance 

× Measure standard range

× Limited or No Support 

What Makes It Best Golf Rangefinder?

Trying to find the range is painful, and not knowing the range is even more painful. Never miss a shot with yard accuracy range.
With flagpole scanning (sends a vibration pulse to confirm the laser has locked the pole), and flagpole locking (you do not have to scan the flagpole repeatedly) Beam Pro Golf Rangefinder  makes its very easy to measure range.

Slope Adjustment 

Golf is hard, and guessing slope makes it even more difficult. Beam rangefinder with slope mode takes the guesswork out and gives you Ture Distance ( Distance is adjusted based on the incline/decline )


Step 1  Unpack It. Our Golf Rangefinder come with all the accessories necessary for use.
Step 2   There is not need for configuration, Just Press the Power button to turn it ON.
Step 3    Simply aim the target through Crystal Clear viewfinder to get the most accurate Range


Range Up-to 1300 Yards
Magnification  6x
Working Temperature  -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Ranging Error ±0.5 yards
Battery lithium battery
Laser Wavelength  905nm
Angle Range 0-90°
Resistance Water & Dust
Product Size 120x75x41mm
Object Diameter 25MM


1.Can It Difference Flagpoles From Background Tress?

Yes, it can differentiate Flagpole from any background tress and  objects.
2.Is There Any Impact Of The Weather On Its Performance?
Not Much, You can use it in pretty much any weather.Suitable Temperature Range ( –4°F to 122°F ) IP56 Water & Dust Resistant