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African Shower Exfoliating Net

African Shower Exfoliating Net

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 Here's your dry skin solution right here! The best way to get baby soft even toned skin if you're experiencing. dull and rough skin.

Our exfoliating net will help shed unwanted dry dead skin. helping to smoothen out your skins texture. leaving your skin smooth. soft and glowing!

What's An Exfoliating Net?

Also known as a bathing net and or sapo. is a lightweight net that gently removes dry dead skin cells. which help to produce new softer smooth skin. 

Reasons Why Beauties Should Include An Exfoliating Net Into Their Routine:

  • A great gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin
  • Long & stretchy material that expands to hard to reach body parts such as your back
  • Cleanse & exfoliate at the same time
  • Fade away body acne. stretch marks. dry patches. ingrown hairs and more
  • Leaves skin super soft
  • Can be used up to 1 year
  • Easy to dry which illuminates hidden bacteria growth found in other sponges. rags and loofahs.


The net is 33-40 inches long and 11-15 inches wide. with smaller minis measuring 9 inches in width. As the nets are handmade. the length may vary slightly.


To use your bath sponge step into your bath/shower. Get your body soaking wet and rinse your sponge thoroughly.

  1. Add your favourite soap and work into a rich lather

2. Compact the sponge into a ball and scrub your body

3. Stretch the length of the sponge and do the shimmy to scrub your back

4. When you are finish. rinse your sponge thoroughly and hang to dry

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